Saturday, 28 December 2013

Seasons Greetings after the Outback, dirt, dust and the real Australia


It's been a busy and eventful few months since time our last update.  The outback communications were poor with very limited internet and cellphone reception hence the delay in updates!  After leaving Karumba we headed south, reaching Burke & Wills roadhouse. 

We then headed for Cloncurry another historic and current mining town .  Not a blade of green grass in site still and having a small issue with the car we had to stay longer than expected here until a part was delivered. Lots to see and do so we spent some time at the local museums, swimming pools and local attractions.  We also drove up Mt Isa (pleased to visit but pleased to leave - it is certainly a mine in a town).  On the way we visited the Lady Kathleen Uranium disused mine and town between Cloncurry & Mt Iza - an interesting place. (photo's below).

Our Aussie/Kiwi friends who we met in Karumba originally from Helensville joined us again here and we spent the next few weeks travelling around the outback with them. 

From Winton and the Waltzing Maltida centre, musical fence, dinosaurs, camel races (missed out this time),chinese gardens and much more to Blackall - an overnight stop - mineral pools, hard core locals and cold cold beer.  Then onto Longreach somewhere I never thought we would get to - a great town, with hardy Australian's managing the drought, some great tourist attractions and a must stop town.  Then onto Morven - where we stayed at the towns sports oval/show grounds free camp, that we had all to ourselves.

From here onto Roma - where we enjoyed a little grass, Art galleries, and sunshine and then it was on route to our farmsit at yet another inland mining town Wandoan. We had a great 3 weeks here and enjoyed being back on the land and having something to do.  We looked after 400 acres of very dry farmland, with sheep, dogs, cattle, pigs and chooks and it finally rained while we were there.  The locals looked after us well and from here we went to Chinchilla Wier to a fantastic free (donations only camp)not far from the little town. 

Then onto our first big town for what seems like a life time - Toowoomba - green green grass, wonderful gardens, and a bit of shopping.  From here to Mooloolaba where we spent a week with Helen, Justin and our God children Ebony and Bianca.  Then onto Brisbane to spend a week with Steve and Maurs Hollie.

We are still in Brisbane and our latest news is that Dave has landed himself a permanent job working as a Building Facilities Manager in the CBD and starts 6th January.  As there are no caravan parks that have long term stays in Brisbane we have rented an apartment at Kangaroo Point, overlooking the Brisbane River and the Story Bridge.  So the caravan is now in storage and we will be based here for the next year or so.  It's great to being doing something different again and city life, art galleries, museums, river walks, ferry rides and a bit a shopping. 

We will be home for a brief visit in January so perhaps a catch up with you then.  In the meantime, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a fun filled, safe and healthy 2014. 

Celia, Dave and Larry

Outback - it just goes on and on!

Burke & Wills Roadhouse (in the middle of the outback flys, flys, flys)



Another stunning sunset.

Disused Kathleen mine

The old town with roads that lead to no where now


Our Kiwi/Aussie friends Doug & Linda

Oh what fun this was (even though it was very windy) - the musical fence at Winton.  They have music festivals here using #8 fence wire, and old tins and drums.  To hear Dave's musical drums go to the end of the blog and listen to the video.


Arno's Wall in Winton, includes almost every type of household junk we collect and Arno's way of displaying it! (recycled from the local dump).


The Emu have come to town in Longreach - as the drought continues and it is so dry they are coming into the town to seek food. 


A great visit to the school seeing the teachers working with the remote children on air.
Morven Showgrounds Free Camp with the local wildlife.


The Leichardt garden club garden visit and lunch.  This was a treat to see so much green after nothing for weeks.  One of the local farmers took me when we farm sat at Wandoan.

Dave on his new toy at the farm.
 The beautiful bull (who was so gentle you could pat him everyday)
Some of the girls - the brahman are beautiful cattle.
The two Kareema sheep dogs who live with the sheep to keep watch for the dingo's.
Chinchilla Weir - Free camp and stunning sunsets

Toowoomba - Japanese Gardens, stunning after the dry outback.


Toowoomba - a park after my family! 
Travel and Newsagent



Outback flowers!

 Outback travel


 Story Bridge
Kai tricked Dave with hollow eggs for breakfast
Kai and Tane (Maurs & Steve's grandchildren)
   Ebony & Bianca



Here is a clip of Dave playing the drum kit at the musical fence - it was so funny!



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