Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Life In Ayr - North Queensland - Croc Country

Since arriving in Ayr last month we have been settling into a routine and enjoying the warm weather and Croc country!

It is an average of 27 most days and sunny - sorry to rub that in with such a bad forecast due for NZ this week. 

Dave is enjoying working at the farm and is putting all his skills to the test.  One day he is working on the irrigation pumps, the next he is working out on the tractors, in the office or out building roads. 

We have been visiting Townsville (70 k's) north of Ayr for a change of scene some weekends and a spot of shopping and lunching.  The Lizard above is resident up at Castle Hill lookout and likes to chase visitors - lucky for me he didn't this day.
Dave has so far seen snakes, big spiders, cane toads and many different species of birds since working on the corn farm. 

The produce here is fantastic with fresh vegetables and fruit, some provided to us by the other workers in the camp.  Dave caught these mud crabs (right) a couple of weeks ago, but fish seem to be difficult to catch without a boat. But.. we will keep trying. 
The photos below are some from Townsville and around Ayr and Dave's work at the farm. 
Thanks to everyone worried that I'm bored - I'm NOT and thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and of course domestic bliss looking after Dave! 
I'll keep this short and keep updating stories over the coming weeks.
Till next week, keep warm and well.
Celia, Dave and Larry

Daves Big Rig

In search of "Fish"

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