Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Almost ready for departure from housesit - countdown has begun!

Well another couple of weeks have flown by and now it is countdown to our departure. 

Dave and I in the Summer house
The weather has been wonderful again this week, this photo we took enjoying the last of the sun in the summer house earlier this week. Despite daylight saving changing and the change of season we are still enjoying very warm and settled days just like NZ- although like Christchurch it is cool in the morning and evenings now.
We have had some interesting creatures appear - this photo shows the local scorpion - not something I would like to see often!  As usual Dave took care of it and put it back outside where it belongs.  Of course now we watch where we walk and always have "thongs" on! Click on the picture for a full view.  Dave's also been busy making final fit outs to the van and his favourite shop for the last month has been the local tool shop and Bunnings.

Homemade chutney with my screen printed tops
I've been keeping busy baking and making chutney so the van pantry is nicely stocked for next weeks takeoff.  I've also been making cushions for extra comfort in the van.  It is great to have plenty of time to do this and of course for reading - I think I'm onto my 8th book since being here. 

Dave planted lettuce and herbs when we first arrived so we have been eating fresh home grown lettuce over the past weeks more have have replanted for the next journey. We depart here next Thursday 18th and are heading for Paradise Beach - South East of Melbourne about 4 hours away to the first of our free camps and where there is apparently very good fishing. From there we head along the coast to Lake Tyers and then to Mallacoota again both excellent fishing spots.

Dave has been back fishing at Portsea - but has had no luck as yet since the last time.  The dogs go everywhere with us and their favourite spot is in the back of our car. They are both in season so no walks at the moment for them.

This week we have slept 2 nights in the caravan, we put the dogs to bed, locked up the house and then went over to the van. Its warm and quiet and very comfy so we are really looking forward to part one of the journey.

We love getting everyone's emails, texts and calls so keep them coming - it gives Dave something else to do!  This is him checking emails over coffee earlier this week.  All the best to everyone. 

Celia and Dave


  1. Great to hear from you both...Kevin will be green when here gets in from work and reads the update..

  2. Lovely to see you both looking so relaxed and carefree... I guess you're on your way by now. I hope the caravan is working well and the weather is being kind.
    Love Kim